Science Table Profile

Laura Desveaux


Scientific Lead, Institute for Better Health; Learning Health System Program Lead, Trillium Health Partners; Innovation Fellow, Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care, Women’s College Hospital; Assistant Professor, Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto; Executive Director, Women Who Lead

Laura is a scientist and physical therapist whose work draws on behavioural psychology and implementation science to design and evaluate interventions that aim to optimize care. To understand what makes an initiative successful and how to scale it, her team examines what drives behaviour, how and why things work, and the process, mechanisms of change and the contextual factors that characterize success (and failure). This approach provides insights into what works best, for whom, and in what circumstance and helps inform how to effect change at a system level. She collaborates with health system decision-makers to bridge the research to practice gap by helping them apply the principles of implementation science and behaviour change to their work.

Affiliated with:
Women's College Research Institute, Institute for Better Health, Women Who Lead
Declaration(s) of Interest:
2021-03-01 (PDF)