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Audrey Laporte


Professor and Director, Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto Director, Canadian Centre for Health Economics

Professor Audrey Laporte is an economist whose research focuses in general on the development of dynamic theory and the application of econometric methods to address questions of policy interest to health and health care. More specifically her work has centred on a set of themes: modelling of individual health capital accumulation and addictive behaviours; health human resource modelling, e.g. nurse, physician and personal support labour markets; and modelling the impact of policy changes on the performance of health care organizations, e.g. institutional long-term care, hospitals. Her more recent work in collaboration with her students has focused on the impact of health conditions and socio-economic circumstance in early life on later life outcomes. Professor Laporte is President-Elect of the International Health Economics Association and Director of the Canadian Centre for Health Economics. She is an incoming Associate Editor of Health Economics, International co-Editor of the International Journal for Reviews in Empirical Economics and incoming co-Editor of Healthcare Papers.

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IHPME, University of Toronto
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2021-02-25 (PDF), 2020-07-22 (PDF)