Modelling Consensus Table Profile

Jianhong Wu


Distinguished Research Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, York University; Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences; Centre for Disease Modelling, York University

Jianhong Wu is a University Distinguished Research Professor and Senior Canada Research Chair in Industrial and Applied Mathematics, York University. He is also the NSERC Industrial Research Chair in vaccine mathematics, modelling, and manufacturing. His expertise includes dynamical systems and bifurcation theory, that develops methodologies to identify long-term dynamic scenarios of an epidemiological system. He also pioneered a neural network architecture for pattern recognition in high dimensional data. This expertise, along with his interdisciplinary collaborative network, put him in a good position to develop a reciprocal linkage between public health and mathematics.  Staring from the 2003 SARS outbreak, Dr. Wu has led multiple national teams to develop mathematical technologies to address key public health issues relevant to emerging infectious diseases including SARS, pandemic influenza, Ebola, antimicrobial drug resistance, and Lyme disease. He is currently leading the National COVID-19 Modeling Rapid Response Task Force. 

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Declaration(s) of Interest:
2021-02-28 (PDF)